Frequently Asked Questions
By promoting our sites to your audience. You can use the banners and video extracts available in our "Promotional tools" section. Or simply use the photos and text that accompany our videos on our sites. To ensure that your visitors' purchases are associated with your affiliate account, you need to include your affiliate code in the URLs linking to our sites. For example, if your affiliate code is ?code=1234, you must add this code to the end of the url as follows:
You don't need to do anything. Your affiliate code can be found in the "How to promote our videos" section.
To buy video on our sites, you need to open a user account. If the visitor you direct to one of our sites opens an account during the session, he will immediately be associated with your affiliate account, and all purchases he makes on the network will be added to your commission base. If the visitor you direct to one of our sites has already opened an account on our site platform, he will be associated with your affiliate account during the revenue-sharing period, provided that this user is not associated with another affiliate account, and that he has not made a purchase for more than 2 years on one of our sites. Your commission rate is set by default at 35% of purchases (excluding VAT) made by customers you bring into the network, and the revenue-sharing period is six months, as specified in your contract. Every six months we carry out a review of your terms and your commission aux, and your revenue-sharing period can, if necessary, be gradually increased up to six months respectively when the volumes you have reached justify it. Commissions earned must be invoiced within 12 months of the month in which they were booked on the affiliate program. Commissions invoiced more than 12 months after the month in which they were booked will not be paid and will be automatically and definitively lost by the affiliate.
Create a user account and make a purchase using one of your ID codes to verify its increment in your commission and visit count. The creation of an affiliate account and the corresponding purchases are updated every day at midnight in your affiliate account. Therefore, when you run tests, please wait until midnight to check the results on your account. We reimburse purchases made for testing purposes, up to a maximum of 5 tickets, upon presentation of proof of purchase.
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