Frequently Asked Questions
By promoting our sites to your audience. Please feel free to use the banners and video clips available in our " Promotion Tools " section. Or just use photos and texts associated with our videos on our sites. To track the visitors and purchases associated with your affiliate account, your must include your tracking code into the url directing to our sites. If you trakcing code is 1234, you need to add this code to the end of the url as follows :
You'll find your default affiliate code in "VOD AFFILIATION" -> "Campaigns" section of On the same page you can create additional as many campaigns you need and thus have additional tracking codes.
The purchase with Credit Card on our sites requires the opening of a free user account. If you lead a visitor to one of our VOD sites and if this visitor open an account during the session, it is immediately associated with your affiliate account during the "rev share period ». All purchases completed on any of our video site during this period will be automatically associated with your account and used to calculate your gains. If the visitor you send us has already opened an account on one of our video sites, but is no longer linked to any affiliate account and has completed his last purchase more than 2 years ago, he will be associated to your affiliate account during the revenue sharing period.
The method of calculation of the your earnings depends on the currency used by the user you sent us, due to different taxation rates. You will start with 25 % on sales in € (completed by EU residents ), 30% on sales in USD ( completed by non EU residents) and a 6 months revenue sharing period. The payout rates and revenue sharing period are reviewed every 6 months. We reward loyalty and payout can go up to 40% on € sales and 50% on USD sales and rev share period up to 2 years when the affiliates show consistent commitment in the program. Commissions earned by Affiliate have to be invoiced within 12 months after their recording within the affiliation backend. Any commissions invoiced beyond 12 months after their recording date will not be paid and are automatically and irrevocably lost for the Affiliate.
Create a user account and proceed with a purchase with any of your ID code in order to check the incrementation of your commissions and visits. The creation of an affiliate account and the corresponding purchases are updated every day at midnight on your affiliate account. Therefore, when performing tests, please wait until midnight to verify the results on your account. We reimburse purchases made for testing purposes, up to a maximum of 5 tickets and upon delivery of proof.
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