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The first step in our collaboration is to define with you a distribution strategy for your videos. We select together the sites best suited to your content and the pace of dissemination. We can also offer you other distribution channels in France and abroad.
We set with you a payout rate, according to several criteria: quantity, quality, exclusivity and notoriety.
You have real-time online access to detailed sales statistics. Payments are made 30 days after the month of operation. Create producer account

Create your Gay VOD site!

If certain conditions are met (for example, you have a lot of videos or the theme of your videos is original) we can create your own gay porn site. In this case, you have a special status on our platform that gives you access to many tools to animate and manage your site.
You will be in charge of your site, which you can drive without any particular technical knowledge. The Porn Site Manager team will help you develop your business and provide you with 15 years of experience in the gay business.

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